Improve your play! is a great place to keep up with the world of chess news, but it’s also a major source of materials you can use to improve your chess. Annotated games from major tournaments are often posted here, as are endgame studies with extensive analysis. You’ll even find studies, excerpts from ChessBase DVD products and interviews with top players, all of which can contain nuggets that will help your chess.

If you’re looking for a specific game from the past, on the other hand, is the place to go. With more than 600,000 different historical games and a powerful search function, this site is the perfect way to find games by a player, from an opening, or in a position you’d like to study. 


Chess Tactics Server

Currently we provide 36,896 tactical chess problems ranging in difficulty from trivial to ambitious. Your tactical performance will be measured by the Glicko rating system wich takes into account both the difficulty of each problem and the time you take to solve it. 


The Week in Chess
If you’re looking for the latest developments and ideas of your opening of choice, or just want to improve by playing through master games, there’s no easier way to get a steady flow of new games to peruse. 

Chess Tempo

Chess Tempo has over 30,000 different tactical problems that are “rated” based on the success other players have had at solving them. There are also resources here to train in endgame positions and play against computer opponents.